Welcome to the New SoHoodie Experience!

Welcome to the New SoHoodie Experience!

Thanks for stopping by our NEW site! We’re so excited to be able to share our story with you while providing a completely overhauled shopping experience. When you explore our new site, you’ll soon understand the impact that SoHoodie is having on sports apparel and athletes around the world. Take a look around - We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Who We Are

The SoHoodie was created to provide athletes an alternative to bulky or unfitted hoodies. Our one-of-a-kind hoods offer the ability to take workouts, warmups, and every other athletic activity to the next level. Whether you’re looking for improved performance, enhanced concentration, or you just want to look fly, we’ve got the perfect hood for you. Check out our professionally licensed hoods or create your own. The possibilities are endless! 

Our Ambassadors

SoHoodie ambassadors are anyone that wants to rock a hood. From young athletes to the most recognizable pro’s in the world, we want to celebrate you. Interested in getting featured on our ambassadors page? We can make it happen! Learn how here.

Get in the Hood

Our mission is to provide athletic apparel that doesn’t just help athletes, but also boosts their confidence and gives them something to show off. We believe in the saying “look good, play good” and we want to help you do just that. Check out our custom shop options or rock a hood of your favorite team or player. Order yours today and join the movement.

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