Just The Hood.

What's Under the Hood?

SoHoodie is the solution to the baggy, unfitted and unathletic approach to headwear for athletes and fans alike. Our hoods are fully customizable and unattached to any outerwear creating a one of a kind experience that helps improve focus and performance.

Fan Wear

Celebrate your favorite athletes like never before. Rock your favorite player’s number or create a hood that is customized with your own personal style. SoHoodie is providing a chance for fans to get in the game like never before.


Have an idea or a custom graphic you want to see on a hood? We’ve got you covered. Work with our designers to build the exact look you want.


Our Ambassadors consist of everyone who chooses to rock a SoHoodie. Whether you are a professional athlete, fitness fanatic, or a die-hard fan, when you rock the hood, you become part of the team.

Officially Licensed By

SoHoodie is officially licensed by the NFLPA and the NCAA to provide our fans with authentic team gear.