Our Story

Our Start

The concept of SoHoodie was born during the magical moments that many have come to know as October Baseball. Our partner Scott watched from his home treadmill, as CC Sabathia sat waiting to take the mound in Yankee Stadium just a few miles away. Despite the distractions that come with playoff baseball, Scott was struck by the fact that CC, an MLB player as recognizable as any, was rocking an unfitted and oversized hooded shirt. He looked calm. But did he look cool?

In that momentary blip of inspiration, SoHoodie was born.

We set out to create an athletic hood that helps boost fitness performance, increase mental focus, and deliver stylish comfort while providing a common ground for pro athletes, fitness fanatics, and fans alike. 

Our Products

In order to provide a product that we believed fans and athletes would truly appreciate, we decided to develop three varying designs that would speak directly to our ambassadors. Through these design variations, we found a way to provide our users with an option that provides exactly what they are looking for in a specific piece of athletic apparel.

Our Success

How an Athletic Accessory Became a Must-Have

The Success of SoHoodie is the result of our ambassadors finding a product that has become essential to their fitness, focus, or fan experience. When you put on your own SoHoodie, you immediately feel connected, focused and more in-tune with your surrounding environment. Whether you’re walking on to the field, crushing a workout, or enjoying the event from the stands, SoHoodie gets your head in the game.

Our Vision

Our vision for SoHoodie is simple. We want to continue to provide a product to our clients that heightens their athletic or fan/entertainment experience. By building our brand ambassadors, our goal is to equip every fan, athlete, and fitness fanatic that we can with a one-of-a-kind product that elevates their game.